Vauxhall TerraClean for competition winner in Esh Winning

Paul was one of our Facebook winners for a TerraClean Service. Paul, from Esh Winning, County Durham was one of our first competition winners to win a TerraClean Mobile Service on his vehicle at his home address of Esh Winning, Durham. Paul didn’t know at first what a TerraClean Service consisted of, but once explained he sort of got the idea of what it was all about. The easiest way of describing a TerraClean is how Ed China from the program Wheeler Dealers off the Discovery Channel says “its a colonic irrigation for an engine”. Paul never had any issues with his vehicle. In fact he couldn’t be happier with it. After performing a TerraClean Service on his Vauxhall Astra he took it for a test drive where i was asked to join him. His face lit up. Driving the car to and from work for so long he just got used to how the vehicle drove. After the TerraClean Service he noticed an instant improvement on acceleration, power on hills, engine running a lot smoother and quieter. Paul used to half to drop a gear getting up a hill close to his home address. After the TerraClean Service he flew up it with no problems what so ever. Few days later and Paul told me that his MPG had also improved. We have recently received a few jobs via Paul through his good words about our service.


Paul wrote on Facebook: “Just had my engine cleaned by Carl Walker. Can’t believe the difference its made. Sounds so much quieter and smoother. Well chuffed. Thank You!!”

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Vauxhall Vetra TerraClean in Newcastle leads to further bookings

Vauxhall in Byker, NewcastleTerraClean Regain Performance by Forecourt Assist North East seen ourselves travelling into Newcastle-upon-Tyne again to assist a customer who found us via Google as a TerraClean mobile operator. Julie was really happy when she realised she didn’t have to take a day off work when she got a TerraClean Service at her work. We attended the Vauxhall and let Julie crack on. The TerraClean process took just over an hour and after we handed Julie the keys back to her Vauxhall Vectra. We left and that night we received a call from Julie’s husband regarding the vehicle. His words were that the performance of the vehicle was completely different. It was unbelievable, different vehicle. He booked his son’s Citroen DS3 in and his daughter’s Peugeot 307 and I completed a TerraClean at their home address in Newcastle that weekend.

Julie wrote: “Cracking service, car feels brand new. I’m getting loads more MPG and when I put my foot down the vehicle actually responds now and takes off. Thank you for your services. Highly Recommended.”

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Ford Focus taxi TerraClean in Gateshead

A TerraClean at Gateshead saw us with one of our best results yet. Phil owns a rather large taxi firm in the Gateshead area. We offered to do one of his vehicles at a reduced price as a tester for this company. His taxis cover most of the surrounding areas of Gateshead, Low Fell, Whickham, Felling, Wrekenton and Team Valley. Most of Phil’s Taxis cover local areas, short distances. We attended Phil and the taxi underwent a TerraClean Service. Unfortunately Phil had to go and attend to some business. We like our customers to trial their vehicles as soon as they are done just so we can see their reaction. The next day first thing we received a call asking if we could go back to Gateshead to do the rest of his taxis. The customer was very impressed with the service.

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Seat people carrier TerraClean in Sunderland

TerraClean Sunderland – We attended a customer in Sunderland who does a lot of motorway mileage. The main aim for the customers Seat people-carrier was to improve the MPG. Again, this was a diesel TerraClean service. This vehicle had a part 1 TerraClean Service which is a 40 minute run on the TerraClean machine, then a 15 minute soak which allows the chemical to soak into the vehicles parts and really breaks down carbon deposits, and then part 2, a 30 minute TerraClean Service. This benefits all the vehicle injection and combustion sides of things. Basically anywhere the fuel or the exhaust fumes go is where TerraClean does its work. The way we describe this service is its basically colonic irrigation for an engine! This is how it was described to the customer. The customer, from Sunderland was very impressed with the results of a TerraClean Service. After this job we then assist several other TerraClean jobs in East Boldon, Cleadon, Ryhope and Easington.

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Audi A6 TerraClean at Langley Park

Regain Performance attended a customer in Langley Park, County Durham wanting a TerraClean service from a mobile operator. The customer came across Regain Performance via a Vehicle Repair Garage. We attended Jason at his home address, he took advantage of our TerraClean multi-car offer, Jason has an Audi A6 and his daughter has a Volkswagen Golf which was a little sluggish, nothing that he/she noticed just small tell-tale signs like having to drop a gear when going up hills. Both vehicles are vastly improved from a TerraClean Diesel Service. We arrived at the customers home address and setup the TerraClean Machines. The first part of the TerraClean process took 30 minutes, we then allowed the vehicle to soak for 15 minutes and then carried out part 2 of the TerraClean Service for another 25/30 minutes. After the TerraClean we re-assembled the vehicles fuel system and asked the customer to take the vehicles for a test drive. The customer could not believe what the service had done to her car. The customer realised an improvement on both of the vehicles accelerator response. Both vehicles saw a reduction in engine noise, it was a lot quieter and the drive was a lot smoother. Several weeks after completing the TerraClean Service we were contacted by the customer regarding the vehicles miles per gallon (MPG). This customer has seen a big improvement on MPG.

Jason wrote: “Carl came out and did several vehicles in my family. I noticed a massive difference on the response when accelerating, loads more power and the vehicles ran a lot smoother and quieter.”

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