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If your vehicle – car, van, motorbike, motorhome, truck (HGV) or boat is over 12 months old or it has covered more than 10,000 miles (depending on which comes first) then you really need to consider having a TerraClean service from Regain Performance no matter where you are in the North East. We operate 7 days of the week, from our head office in Durham and having a mobile service covering Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and Sunderland or anywhere as far down as Darlington, Teesside, Hartlepool, Stockton and Middlesbrough, we can get a TerraClean technician to come out to you.

Reduce Emissions

Reduce Emissions

The unique TerraClean advanced cleaning system removes most carbon deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions.

Reduce Emissions

Restore MPG

Respected motoring journalist and presenter Quentin Wilson reported a 14% improvement in MPG in his Sunday Mirror column.

Reduce Emissions

Regain Performance

Carbon deposits influence the performance of your engine. Removal of the deposits significantly improves overall vehicle performance.

What is TerraClean and the Science Behind TerraClean?

TerraClean is a very simple procedure, it removes carbon deposits from engine internals that are having a negative effect on the efficiency of the engine.

Once we restore efficiency we then benefit from Regaining and improving Performance, Restoring MPG and Reducing Emissions.

DID YOU KNOW…The process of TerraClean was discovered by an accident. Canadian engineers who where experimenting with highly refined fuel and a process called Columbic Fractionation.

The aim was to develop a zero emissions engine and along the way they quickly realised that the technology they where experimenting with was leaving no carbon deposits within the test engines they where using.

They then applied the same technology to used vehicle engines that already had carbon deposits inside and quickly found that the deposits had been removed from the internal parts including the fuel injectors, inlet valves, combustion chambers, exhaust valves and catalytic converters once they had been run for a short time using the very same technology found in today’s TerraClean machines.

Over a decade on and here we are, using that very same technology to restore lost efficiency to used engines in cars, vans, trucks, boats, etc.

Why I hear you ask…

With today’s fuels being of what they are, while driving your vehicle, the process of combustion is creating carbon build-ups in your injection system, in the engine and in the exhaust system. This build-up will lead to your engine operating less efficiently, and the more it builds up, the worse it gets. This in-efficiency in operation leads to higher emissions and poorer performance therefore reducing the maximum MPG your vehicle should be able to produce.

What can you do?

If this was several years ago the answer would be “nothing but dismantle the engine and chip aware at the carbon deposits” but now with TerraClean this situation can be reversed and controlled. One of our fuel Technicians with the fully patented innovative TerraClean de-carbonising equipment, can come to you anywhere in the North East. We can perform a TerraClean while you are in the comfort of your home, workplace or at an area of your choice, we can burn off carbon deposits that you have built up within your fuel system and engine to bring back the efficiency of your engine feeling like a brand new car once again. We will Restore the MPG to the vehicles true potential, we will Reduce Emissions that your vehicle produces and we will Regain the performance of your vehicle it once had when new. It has been proven that we have instant results which you will notice.

How often should you do this?

Regain Performance operating around the North East, recommend you to keep up with regular TerraClean services every 12 months or every 10,000 miles but this is all depending on your mileage and driving habits, a TerraClean service will keep your engine running at those high efficiency levels, as it was designed to do.

This isn’t one of those products that you pour in your tank and you may (or may not) get a gradual improvement over the next few months. The TerraClean process does it’s stuff there and then. You’ll drive away, seeing and feeling the difference immediately. Depending on make, model and engine size determines the time of the process. On average it’s an hour process.

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