Audi A6 TerraClean at Langley Park

Regain Performance attended a customer in Langley Park, County Durham wanting a TerraClean service from a mobile operator. The customer came across Regain Performance via a Vehicle Repair Garage. We attended Jason at his home address, he took advantage of our TerraClean multi-car offer, Jason has an Audi A6 and his daughter has a Volkswagen Golf which was a little sluggish, nothing that he/she noticed just small tell-tale signs like having to drop a gear when going up hills. Both vehicles are vastly improved from a TerraClean Diesel Service. We arrived at the customers home address and setup the TerraClean Machines. The first part of the TerraClean process took 30 minutes, we then allowed the vehicle to soak for 15 minutes and then carried out part 2 of the TerraClean Service for another 25/30 minutes. After the TerraClean we re-assembled the vehicles fuel system and asked the customer to take the vehicles for a test drive. The customer could not believe what the service had done to her car. The customer realised an improvement on both of the vehicles accelerator response. Both vehicles saw a reduction in engine noise, it was a lot quieter and the drive was a lot smoother. Several weeks after completing the TerraClean Service we were contacted by the customer regarding the vehicles miles per gallon (MPG). This customer has seen a big improvement on MPG.

Jason wrote: “Carl came out and did several vehicles in my family. I noticed a massive difference on the response when accelerating, loads more power and the vehicles ran a lot smoother and quieter.”

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