Angel Valets say “YES” to TerraClean Service by Regain Performance

Dave from Angel Valets says “YES” to TerraClean Service by Regain Performance!

Dave is a mobile car valeter from Ushaw Moor in County Durham and a good one at that. He covers the North East of the UK from as far North as Ashington, Morpeth, Blyth as far down as Thirsk, Ripon and Northallerton. Dave covers the North East, same area as TerraClean Regain Performance. The problem Dave has is that he is so busy, the time for him to take his vehicle off the road for this service is not good for his business. TerraClean Regain Performance work around these issues. We asked Dave when he was next in a location where we could perform the TerraClean. We arranged a time and date and while Dave was valeting his customers vehicles we were performing a TerraClean on his Vauxhall Combo van. Dave has been using pour in the tank chemicals now for many years as he believes it does the engine a world of good, however the TerraClean service is like no pour in the tank chemical. We disconnect the vehicles fuel system and run it on our TerraClean machines using none of the vehicles fuel within the tank. After the TerraClean service Dave noticed a massive difference in power and running of the vehicle. He’s now become a fan of TerraClean and tells his customers of his experience.

Feedback from Dave: “I’ve used many pour in the tank products and I’ve always thought they work until Carl did a TerraClean Service on my Vauxhall Combo. Unbelievable results. Power on hills, and doesn’t kick out smoke anymore. I actually had a misfire which also was cured after this TerraClean service but Carl did advise me that he may not be able to cure that. Really pleased with service. Will use again!”

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Hummer in Durham recieved a Terraclean

Regain Performance LTD part of Forecourt Assist North East were called out to this Hummer after the customer heard about the Terraclean Servive available. The Customer had no faults on the vehicle, just wanted to see if he could improve on MPG and Performance. We attended the vehicle in Durham, and performed the Terraclean service at the customers home address. After the 30 minute Terraclean Service the customer took the vehicle for a spin. Instantly, the customer noticed an improvement on performance, power was back and the vehicle ran a lot smoother. Safe to say we recieved a glowing review from this customer. Forecourt Assist North East offer the Terraclean service wide across the North East, so if you need a Terraclean 2 come 2 u visit

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