Seat people carrier TerraClean in Sunderland

TerraClean Sunderland – We attended a customer in Sunderland who does a lot of motorway mileage. The main aim for the customers Seat people-carrier was to improve the MPG. Again, this was a diesel TerraClean service. This vehicle had a part 1 TerraClean Service which is a 40 minute run on the TerraClean machine, then a 15 minute soak which allows the chemical to soak into the vehicles parts and really breaks down carbon deposits, and then part 2, a 30 minute TerraClean Service. This benefits all the vehicle injection and combustion sides of things. Basically anywhere the fuel or the exhaust fumes go is where TerraClean does its work. The way we describe this service is its basically colonic irrigation for an engine! This is how it was described to the customer. The customer, from Sunderland was very impressed with the results of a TerraClean Service. After this job we then assist several other TerraClean jobs in East Boldon, Cleadon, Ryhope and Easington.

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