Vauxhall TerraClean for competition winner in Esh Winning

Paul was one of our Facebook winners for a TerraClean Service. Paul, from Esh Winning, County Durham was one of our first competition winners to win a TerraClean Mobile Service on his vehicle at his home address of Esh Winning, Durham. Paul didn’t know at first what a TerraClean Service consisted of, but once explained he sort of got the idea of what it was all about. The easiest way of describing a TerraClean is how Ed China from the program Wheeler Dealers off the Discovery Channel says “its a colonic irrigation for an engine”. Paul never had any issues with his vehicle. In fact he couldn’t be happier with it. After performing a TerraClean Service on his Vauxhall Astra he took it for a test drive where i was asked to join him. His face lit up. Driving the car to and from work for so long he just got used to how the vehicle drove. After the TerraClean Service he noticed an instant improvement on acceleration, power on hills, engine running a lot smoother and quieter. Paul used to half to drop a gear getting up a hill close to his home address. After the TerraClean Service he flew up it with no problems what so ever. Few days later and Paul told me that his MPG had also improved. We have recently received a few jobs via Paul through his good words about our service.


Paul wrote on Facebook: “Just had my engine cleaned by Carl Walker. Can’t believe the difference its made. Sounds so much quieter and smoother. Well chuffed. Thank You!!”

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