Vauxhall Vetra TerraClean in Newcastle leads to further bookings

Vauxhall in Byker, NewcastleTerraClean Regain Performance by Forecourt Assist North East seen ourselves travelling into Newcastle-upon-Tyne again to assist a customer who found us via Google as a TerraClean mobile operator. Julie was really happy when she realised she didn’t have to take a day off work when she got a TerraClean Service at her work. We attended the Vauxhall and let Julie crack on. The TerraClean process took just over an hour and after we handed Julie the keys back to her Vauxhall Vectra. We left and that night we received a call from Julie’s husband regarding the vehicle. His words were that the performance of the vehicle was completely different. It was unbelievable, different vehicle. He booked his son’s Citroen DS3 in and his daughter’s Peugeot 307 and I completed a TerraClean at their home address in Newcastle that weekend.

Julie wrote: “Cracking service, car feels brand new. I’m getting loads more MPG and when I put my foot down the vehicle actually responds now and takes off. Thank you for your services. Highly Recommended.”

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